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Earn trust with customers and build a differentiated AWS practice


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Tapping into the Cloud Market Opportunity

Whether you already have an AWS practice or are looking to get started, there is an undeniable opportunity for your organization around AWS. 

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Build Your AWS Practice with MontyCloud 

AWS Practice Builder provides the platform, prescriptive guidance, and automation for Managed Service Providers, System Integrators, and consultants to create the foundation of an AWS services practice. 




Up-level Your Existing Teams 

Instantly turn your team into AWS experts. They can easily and programmatically deploy and manage complex environments because MontyCloud DAY2 gives them the tools and confidence they need to take on new challenges. 
  • Accelerate onboarding and time-to-expertise for existing teams and new hires 
  • Equip team members with easy-to-use, no-code solutions
  • Deliver consistent and predictable engagements

Expand Your AWS Customer Base 

In under 30 minutes, your team can assess a prospect’s AWS environments for cost optimization opportunities, security vulnerabilities, and compliance postures following the AWS Well-Architected Framework. These assessments build trust to win project-based SOWs and managed services customers. MontyCloud DAY2 will enable you to manage engagements while minimizing headcount growth as your business scales up.
  • Reduce overhead cost of pre-sales activities
  • Provide inventory, cost, security, and compliance insights
  • Deliver impactful, personalized services plan for customers 





Help Your Existing Customers Adopt AWS

You are a trusted partner helping your customers manage their on-prem environments, but now they want to leverage cloud services. Deploy templatized blueprints to spin up AWS services with no code so customers can start using AWS in minutes.
  • Launch new innovation projects
  • Re-host and re-platform applications
  • Organize environments in customers’ business contexts

Improve Your Margins & Create Recurring Revenue 

Automation expands your business, increases your profitability, and creates recurring managed services. You can drive operational efficiencies and reduce operating costs by performing more services in less time.
  • Decrease time-to-revenue and offer new services
  • Perform more services and manage more customers
  • Ensure quality of service delivery through consistent engagements





Differentiate and Validate Your Practice 

Automate cloud operations to focus on providing higher-value services to customers such as application refactoring and data modernization. By automating cloud operations, you can demonstrate expertise in deploying and managing customer environments that can be used for AWS Service Delivery and Competency applications.
  • Scale your top architects with extensibility
  • Build trust with customers and AWS through detailed audit trails
  • Simplify AWS fund requests


CloudOps Copilot

Transform Teams into AI and Cloud Powerhouses


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What is your organization doing to take advantage of this opportunity? Get a head start with MontyCloud.  

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