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What Makes MontyCloud so Special?


Cloud native stack, event-driven architecture, domain-driven design, modern serverless platform - are just some of the things that we work on every day. We solve new problems, innovate solutions using modern tech and move on to the next day as a more knowledgeable and experienced person.
Sumant Dubey
VP of Engineering
Working with optimistic, helpful, and willing-to-take-on-challenges peers has been an important part of my MontyCloud journey.
Pratik Raut
Senior Cloud Engineer
It's a privilege to have mentors because they constantly assist you in growing in a variety of ways. Be it technical, leadership, or entrepreneurial, all ideas are heard. Seeing ideas transformed into a better reality is always a pleasure.
Mohammad Basil
Lead Platform Engineer
MontyCloud is a terrific place to work. If you are looking for a firm that values you, walks the walk and builds bridges for you to succeed, this is your company. We are not only supported in our career growth but also in our personal lives, mental health and well-being.
Varsha Mallya
Technical Product Manager

Work Culture

We believe that a healthy work culture is one where the company goals goes hand-in-hand with the individual well-being of the employee. Our goal is to provide a workplace where our people can take pride in their work and bring their best selves to work everyday.

So what is it like to work at MontyCloud?


Prioritizing Employee Wellness

With the world going through unprecedented change and disruption, adaptability and flexibility have been essential in keeping us motivated. We are constantly looking at ways to ensure a supportive and productive environment for everyone including implementing a flexible working schedule so teams could focus on their personal well-being and allowing employees the freedom to choose how, where, and when they would like to work.

Problem Solving Ethos

As a start-up, we are focused on quick and creative problem solving with a “nothing is impossible” mindset. This means that every employee has a sense of ownership and is empowered to innovate. You will get to balance speed of execution with thoughtful innovation, and be part of the decision making process so we can build valuable products that deliver optimal results to our customers.


Effective Team Communication

Strong communication has always been a mainstay of our organization and the pandemic has only reinforced it. You’ll find MontyCloud to be an open, transparent workplace where every voice is heard and every achievement is celebrated!


Leading with integrity

Above all, it is our integrity in the way we deal with each other and our customers that makes us accountable and consistent in what we deliver. You will join a team that invests in you to become a better leader, and learns from your unique perspectives.



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Principal Platform Engineer

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Quality Assurance Analyst

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We are looking for a Quality Assurance Analyst to help increase product quality for end-to-end scenarios and point features.

Senior Product Manager

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We are looking for a seasoned Product Manager that will work with customers to identify their pain points and recognize...

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