LeadSquared Case Study


| Challenge

With the recently launched AWS Systems Manager Automation’s ScriptExecution action, customers can easily refer to any Python script within their accounts and execute it. Python scripts can be embedded in Automation Documents and executed without the need for additional compute resources.

Customers like LeadSquared demand a high degree of automation in cloud operations and better efficiency in enabling modern DevOps. Before the launch of this feature, LeadSquared was creating and managing several Lambda functions to accomplish their goals. LeadSquared also had to perform additional overhead tasks to centrally manage, provision, and secure custom Python scripts. To enable access to various users for self-service capabilities, LeadSquared had to use a hands-on and cumbersome ticket-based approach that wasn’t scalable.

To better manage their growing AWS Cloud infrastructure and mission-critical applications, LeadSquared was looking to improve the efficiency of their Day-2 operations. Typical Day-2 tasks performed by LeadSquared can be classified into the following three categories:

  • Routine recurring tasks

  • On-demand day2 operations

  • Tasks required for critical break-glass scenarios


| Solution

MontyCloud’s Cloud Management Platform has extended this capability and made the functionality readily available across multiple AWS accounts and Regions, and in the context of customer IT departments and cloud applications. Customers can easily upload and manage a catalog of Python scripts and convert scripts into reusable tasks. Both routine operations and occasional break-glass tasks for managing unplanned operations can be easily automated with MontyCloud’s user interface and extensible APIs. MontyCloud has also enabled a simple Role-Based Access Control model to securely enable self-service capabilities. In just a few clicks, administrators can resolve issues and deliver efficient Day-2 operations.

| Outcome

MontyCloud has empowered cloud IT teams in LeadSquared to perform operations in all these categories. Powered by native AWS Services such as AWS Systems Manager, AWS Lambda, AWS CloudFormation, and Amazon SQS and, in particular, by leveraging AWS System’s Manager’s ScriptExecution action. With MontyCloud’s platform, LeadSquared automated the operations in all three cases without provisioning compute environments or writing additional custom code. The DevOps team routinely creates and uploads custom Python scripts into MontyCloud’s platform interface. They save several hours each week with this feature while avoiding creating and managing compute environments or additional IAM roles. LeadSquared has also enabled self-service remediations for their internal users without giving away control. Additionally, MontyCloud customers can perform routine operations to de-register AMIs, Schedule DynamoDB Backups, Copy Objects between S3 buckets, and perform any Day-2 operations easily.




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LeadSquared is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses track, nurture, convert and manage their leads. They help 1000s of mid-size and Fortune 500 companies, automate marketing activities.

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