Online Pharmacy Case Study


| The Road to a Cost Effective Well-Managed Application


After initially analyzing the AWS infrastructure costs across multiple AWS regions, this online pharmacy’s DevOps team works with MontyCloud and external vendors to control their AWS spend and to drive operational efficiency.

  • Discovery, Inventory and OrganizationThey first inventoried all their resources and implemented a tagging system to identify resources associated with each application.
  • Automated and Accurate Cost ReportingAccurate and granular expense reporting on resources in the application’s context, helped identify spikes and radical usage increases from specific services and applications.
  • Smart PurgingThe next step was to clean up and terminate all unwanted and unused resources and instances, including several thousand unused Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) volumes, backup snapshots and Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) VMs.
  • Negotiate better pricingWith accurate usage reporting and usage predictions, they switched to AWS EDP (a long-term commitment with an automatic 10% discount).
  • Driving AgilityThey self-service most common resource deployments through well-architected Infrastructure as Code blueprints, that match their compliance standards for access and costs.






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